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A Comparative Analysis of Food Habit and Nutrition on Food in Bangladesh using Machine Learning
Md. Tofael Ahmed, Mst. Eshita Khatun , Jannatul Ferdaous, MD. KAMRUZZAMAN,

Day by day, humans change their way of life. Eating habits are one of them. This research mainly focuses on the eating food habits and nutritional status of the people in Bangladesh. For a healthy and beautiful nation, food habits must be appropriate. Just as good eating habits keep our body healthy and energetic, bad eating habits make us sick. For this research, A data set is gathered on eating habits to find and learn about the food tastes of the people. Collected 1200 statistics from human’s everyday meals habits. Split the data into breakfast, lunch, snack, street food, dinner, and sweets. This research target is to provide the best knowledge about nutrition on food habits because it is quite difficult to develop a country without a healthy nation. This research is divided into two steps. (i) finding food habits (ii) synthesizing information and finding nutrition. An annotated reference list is included for ease is finding another helpful guideline. For this research, seven different types of machine learning algorithms such as Decision Tree, KNN ADA boosting classifier, Logistic Regression, Bagging Classifier, Gaussian Naive Bayes, Extra Trees Classifier have been applied.

Machine learning algorithms , Computational modeling , Data visualization , Boosting , Regression tree analysis , Random forests , Bagging
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2022 6th International Conference on Computing Methodologies and Communication (ICCMC)
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