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An IoT Based Home Automation System VIA Hotspot
Raihan Uddin,

This IoT-based research project has been discovered for those people who are familiar with emerging smart technologies. This project is effectively based on controlling all of the electrical home appliances which are under the home automation system. The implemented system is based on low costing to install in segments of the home automation systems. In order to this project using the NodeMCU as a microcontroller and an Android application to control the manually operated switches via the hotspot on internet. The switches are interfaced with NodeMCU which has an inbuilt Wi-Fi module is ESP8266. It can use to enable or disable the switches. It is proposed to control all kinds of home appliances like light, fan, motor, AC, fridge etc. utilizing by Smartphone. This whole system is performed by NodeMCU ESP8266 Wi-Fi Module. The NodeMCU ESP8266 is connected with Smartphone through the hotspot which is totally covered by the internet. In order that, anyone will able to select the electrical appliances from the Smartphone as the command will be given to the ESP8266. According to that command this Wi-Fi module will give the signal to relay switching circuit to turn ON/OFF particular electrical appliance. Thus, anyone can able to use this home automation system very easily as the implemented system are quite low cost to install.

Home automation, IoT, NodeMCU
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Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems
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