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Enhancing Teaching and Learning through Peer Observation: An Indian Case Study
, Faisal Imran,

Peer observation demands the teaching community to observe each other’s teaching practice followed in classrooms and to learn from it. It focuses on individual requirements and learning by receiving and providing constructive feedback. This study gives detailed information about the purpose and principle of peer observation along with the steps followed in the peer observation cycle. The data gathered are from postobservation forms and meetings. Feedback from peers is used to demonstrate the importance of peer observation in improving the overall teaching experience. The results indicated that there is a significant improvement in the teaching style of the instructors. The category of attaining student attention and engagement grew by 28.8 percent, while the category of students demonstrating passion and motivation climbed by 15.27 percent. Peer observation is seen as a beneficial tool for teachers’ professional development. Teachers stated that peer observation reduced their worry, hesitancy, and pressure throughout the teaching process, making it more dependable and real. However, participants identified time constraints and teachers’ lack of observation expertise as barriers to peer observation.

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Education Research International
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