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A load balancing strategy for reducing data loss risk on cloud using remodified throttled algorithm
Fatema Tuj Johora, Iftakher Ahmed, Md. Ashiqul Islam Shajal, Rony Chowdhory,

Cloud computing always deals with new problems to fulfill the demand of the challenging organizations around the whole world. Reducing response time without the risk of data loss is a very critical issue for the user requests on cloud computing. Load balancing ensures quick response of virtual machine (VM), proper usage of VMs, throughput, and minimal cost of VMs. This paper introduces a re-modified throttled algorithm (RTMA) that reduces the risk of data hampering and data loss considering the availability of VM which increases system’s performance. Response time of virtual machines have been considered in our work, so that when migration process is running, data will not be overflowed in the VMs. Thus, the data migration process becomes high and reliable. We have completed the overall simulation of our proposed algorithm on the cloud analyst tool and successfully reduced the risk of data loss as well as maintains the response time.

cloud computing; load balancing; resource utilization; response time; time utilization;
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International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering
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