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Comparing Social Sustainability -Traditional Practices in Wooden Houses with Contemporary Practices in Masonry Houses in Munshiganj
, Sheikh Muhammad Rezwan,

Contemporary lifestyle, needs and advancements have resulted in replacing the unique indigenous practices of the traditional wetland communities, with modern methods and materials. Higher consideration of environmental concerns in the 21st century has shadowed pressing societal concerns in the sustainability assessment paradigm. The social aspects impact the lifestyle, adaptability as well as behavior of the inhabitants, especially in developing countries. The objective of the present study is to evaluate and compare social sustainability in the traditional wooden houses of Munshiganj, Bangladesh with contemporary masonry houses through social sustainability indicators. Empirical data is collected through a series of on-site workshops. The study also follows an innovative approach of collecting users' feedback through a questionnaire survey. The findings of the study indicate that within a proposed set of indicators, the traditional practices adopted in a wooden house have higher social sustainability than the contemporary practices made of brick and cement. © The Electrochemical Society

Developing countries, Houses, Masonry materials, Surveys, Sustainable development
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