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Cybercrime in the social media of Bangladesh: An analysis of existing legal frameworks
Kudrat-E-Khuda Babu,

Unprecedented and rapid expansion of ICT has meant it has become a common platform for prospective criminals intending to commit crimes in a non-traditional manner. These new-age crimes are popularly known as cybercrimes in the form of stalking, hacking, cyber obscenity, cyber theft, breach of confidentiality, etc. The rampant growth of IT has pushed the legislators of developing countries like Bangladesh into various challenges and difficulties in moulding new legal regimes to govern the virtual world from multiple types of cyber problems. Now cybercrime in social media is in a state of flux, which not only demands adequate tools to combat this but also requires terminological clarification of particular conduct as cybercrime or not. The paper attempts to depict several sorts of cybercrime in cyberspace, particularly in social media. It also examines existing regulations in light of current issues using data analysis of acquired samples from specific locations to anticipate clever minds of possible cybercriminals.

Bangladesh, cybercrime, information technology, legal framework, online, social media
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International Journal of Electronic Security and Digital Forensics
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