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Broca’s Area of Brain to Analyze the Language Impairment Problem and Behavior Analysis of Autism
Md Ashiqul Islam, Faruq Ahmed, Maksuda, Md. Sagar Hossen, Rafat Karim,

Nowadays autism is one of the greatest problems all over the world. For some reason or analysis of some behavior, we can detect this disorder. It is a condition that is affecting an individual throughout or a person’s life. We can observe it during childhood. It will display many kinds of symptoms before age one. Autism affects people in different ways. We know every kind has things that have its own mechanism. So our brain has also a mechanism to communicate. Spoken language and sign language are often processed in the auditory cortex and visual cortex. Then both of these cortexes send these in the Wernicke’s area. After this, for speech production, Broca’s areas work started. Some kinds of people cannot articulate properly. They often disrupted when they are trying to say something. This problem occurs for our Broca’s area of the brain and the problems are known as an impairment problem. So our target is analyzing the language impairment problem regarding of Broca’s area of the brain. For this, we have to analyze the behavior of autism.

Broca’s area, Aphasia Human brain, Language impairment problem, Auditory cortex, Wernicke’s area
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EAI/Springer Innovations in Communication and Computing
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