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DRLAS: Digital Record Keeping in Land Administration System Relying on Blockchain
, Tajim Md. Niamat Ullah Akhund,

On every developed or developing world, the Land Administration System (LAS) is a salient infrastructure. Both the digital (traditional database system) and the manual methods are applied in the LAS (paper-based documentations). Both of these systems provide an authority with monopoly power that can increase unethical conduct in land administration. Again, while the Blockchain technology was initially used to maintain a financial ledger, it is possible to expand the use of this technology to incorporate any decentralized computing structures, including the automated record keeping and management framework. Recent studies have found that the new and largely untested applications of Blockchain technology in land administration remain. In this work, the implementation of a blockchain-based system is proposed to build a System for Land Administration. In the Ethereum blockchain platform, the proposed framework was simulated and showed that the framework contributed to developing a stable, secure, effective and efficient system of land administration.

Blockchain Smart contract Land administration system Mutation
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Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems
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