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A new scrum and CMMI level 2 compatible model for small software firms in order to enhance their software quality
, Farzana Sadia,

Advancement of the technological sector is far more progressive than ever before in Bangladesh. This means there is an influx of software companies requiring the adaptation of a structured process management framework (i.e CMMI) to attain successful projects and to enhance software quality.

Small software companies' tendency to adopt lightweight frameworks like Scrum makes them unlikely to fulfill CMMI process standards. Our research was conducted to understand which of the CMMI Specific Practices can be mapped to the Scrum practices and if a model can be proposed incorporating both of the Practices and lastly how the proposed model can be fitted to the scrum lifecycle.

In order to facilitate Software process improvement (SPI) data from developers and managers was collected from multiple companies that helped us construct a model between the two. The proposed model suggests practices and artifacts for SPI that would help smaller software firms ensure better software quality. In addition a modified scrum lifecycle diagram will guide stakeholders in applying the proposed model.

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Proceedings of the ACM Symposium on Applied Computing
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