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An Aptasensor Based on a Flexible Screen-Printed Silver Electrode for the Rapid Detection of Chlorpyrifos
A. K. M. Sarwar Inam,

In this work, we propose a novel disposable flexible and screen-printed electrochemical aptamer-based sensor (aptasensor) for the rapid detection of chlorpyrifos (CPF). To optimize the process, various characterization procedures were employed, including Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR), electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS), and cyclic voltammetry (CV). Initially, the aptasensor was optimized in terms of electrolyte pH, aptamer concentration, and incubation time for chlorpyrifos. Under optimal conditions, the aptasensor showed a wide linear range from 1 to 105 ng/mL with a calculated limit of detection as low as 0.097 ng/mL and sensitivity of 600.9 µA/ng. Additionally, the selectivity of the aptasensor was assessed by identifying any interference from other pesticides, which were found to be negligible (with a maximum standard deviation of 0.31 mA). Further, the stability of the sample was assessed over time, where the reported device showed high stability over a period of two weeks at 4 °C. As the last step, the ability of the aptasensor to detect chlorpyrifos in actual samples was evaluated by testing it on banana and grape extracts. As a result, the device demonstrated sufficient recovery rates, which indicate that it can find application in the food industry.
aptasensor; electrochemical sensor; organophosphorus pesticide; chlorpyrifos; flexible substrate; screen-printed sensor
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