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Extraction of Space Debris Approach: Diminish the Threats from Outer Space
, Md. Ashiqul Islam,
Over the past few decades, Space junk has become one of the major challenges for the peaceful operation of satellites and professional space missions in LEO (low Earth orbit). Debris is a major threat to operational spacecraft; Just a tiny debris also can cause huge damage to various parts of a spacecraft. Moreover, each collision will escalate the debris number. To address the threat of outer space, we have analyzed on how to create them reliable and safe space environment to prevent loss of spacecraft to debris collision. Several space institutions in order to demonstrate key ADR (Active Debris Removal) techniques in a cost-effective ambitious way as well as various contemporary concepts (collective, laser-based, ion-beam shepherd-based, tether-based, sail-based, satellite-based, unconventional, and dynamical systems-based) of debris removal, which is developing at a rapid pace. The article will provide an updated concept for removing the space garbage by capturing the junk objects and using multiple drag sail concepts. The remove debris mission brings a huge opportunity in the area of safe satellite communication and the ultimate goal of a cleaner Earth orbital environment.

LEO , spacecraft , debris , ADR , Space junk
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2022 IEEE International Conference on Nanoelectronics, Nanophotonics, Nanomaterials, Nanobioscience and Nanotechnology, 5NANO 2022
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