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A Pedagogical Framework for Advanced Learners during COVID-19 for Engineering Students
, Faisal Imran,

The COVID-19 pandemic has raised unprecedented challenges for the progressive education community universally. One crucial challenge is the engagement of advanced learners in pandemic times. Their academic interest is retained, their performance does not decline, and they get access to appropriate resources in time. This article will elaborate on the identification mechanism and the categorization of the students grounded on their comforts and performance. The pedagogical framework is developed for advanced learners by focused interventions such as providing exposure to industry-oriented problems, international virtual events, online courses and software, career counseling by industry leaders, and preparation for higher education. In this article, we are discussing obligatory interventions and their outcomes. Adopting blended learning is becoming a boon to learners by effectively using online resources. Working with these advanced learners, the teacher can directly converse the precise space where the scholar needs the support. In this research, student-centric methods are used. A pedagogical framework is proposed for aerospace engineering students. Advanced learners are categorized into specializations based on real-time data analysis such as aerodynamics, propulsion, space technology, and avionics. Analysis suggests that the categorization and targeted pedagogical intervention yields better student performance outcomes. Based on this study, we started offering specialization-based courses at the undergraduate level in coming batches.

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Education Research International
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