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Education Certification and Verified Documents Sharing System by Blockchain
, Mohammad Shamsul Arefin,

The emergence of new and improved technological advances created severe problems in the security state
of the educational certification system. Throughout this paper, a proposal has been made to improve security. Here,
Blockchain technology has been introduced as reliable secure storage for the educational certification system,
providing an additional facility to the users. That is the validation and authentication of the student’s academic records.
Moreover, for security purposes, Blockchain technology can replace the traditional academic certification system and
contribute to a new model for sharing student information. After completion of data inclusion and hashing, the blocks
will be inserted into the Blockchain network. This proposed model enhances document security and fraud reduction
and additionally reduces a significant amount of authentication time almost up to double the current speed. With this
system, we will get a certification process in which all data will be digitalized and secured in an unbreakable database
with proper authentication and with a noticeable amount of time efficienc

Blockchain, Security, Educational systems, SHA256, Hashing
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International Journal of Intelligent Engineering and Systems
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