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Enabling green shared vision: linking environmental strategic focus and environmental performance through ISO 14001 and technological capabilities
Tze San Ong,

Consistent with the worldwide call to combat environmental degradation concerns and advance sustainable development, there is increasing pressure on organizations to ensure organizational strategies include green initiatives. In this regard, environmental strategic focus is a relevant concept for scholars and business leaders. Underpinned by dynamic capability and stakeholder theory, the present study hypothesizes that ESF derives environmental performance, coordinated by mediating role of green shared vision that strategic environmental planning and decision making. Additionally, the current study employed ISO 14001 and technological capability as moderators between ESF and the green shared vision link. Methodologically, the data for this study was collected from 162 senior managerial officials working in EMS 14,001-accredited manufacturing firms in Malaysia. The data were analyzed with the AMOS 23 software to perform covariance-based structural equation modeling (CB-SEM), and then hierarchical regression analysis and moderated-mediation analysis were applied with SPSS 25. The findings confirmed that ESF is positively linked to environmental performance. The results validate that green shared vision acts as a positive mediator between ESF and environmental performance, in which the creation and sharing of knowledge embedded in a green shared vision serve as enablers to create higher environmental performance. The current study also validates a significant moderating role of ISO 14001 and technological capability between ESF and green shared vision. The study confirms how environmental strategies are integrated into environmental management processes that can serve as a source of dynamic capabilities.

Dynamic capabilities Environmental strategic focus Environmental performance ISO-14001 Technological capability
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Environmental Science and Pollution Research
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