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An Overview of Diabetic Foot Ulcers and Associated Problems with Special Emphasis on Treatments with Antimicrobials
, Fahadul Islam,

One of the most significant challenges of diabetes health care is diabetic foot ulcers (DFU). DFUs are more challenging to cure, and this is particularly true for people who already have a compromised immune system. Pathogenic bacteria and fungi are becoming more resistant to antibiotics, so they may be unable to fight microbial infections at the wound site with the antibiotics we have now. This article discusses the dressings, topical antibacterial treatment, medications and debridement techniques used for DFU and provides a deep discussion of DFU and its associated problems. English-language publications on DFU were gathered from many different databases, such as Scopus, Web of Science, Science Direct, Springer Nature, and Google Scholar. For the treatment of DFU, a multidisciplinary approach involving the use of diagnostic equipment, skills, and experience is required. Preventing amputations starts with patient education and the implementation of new categorization systems. The microbiota involved in DFU can be better understood using novel diagnostic techniques, such as the 16S-ribosomal DNA sequence in bacteria. This could be achieved by using new biological and molecular treatments that have been shown to help prevent infections, to control local inflammation, and to improve the healing process.

diabetic foot ulcers, diabetes mellitus, Wagner grade, diabetic neuropathy, antimicrobials, biofilms
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