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An Unified Testing Process Framework for Small and Medium Size Tech Enterprise with Incorporation of CMMI-SVC to Improve Maturity of Software Testing Process
, Farzana Sadia,

Software testing service provides a quality assurance approach for evaluating and improving the quality of software. While various obstacles may arise in the software testing services context. Most of the time, testing service quality is not always as expected. This paper illustrates the main motive is to improve the practice areas of the software testing process so that small software companies can enhance the maturity levels. We conducted surveys and collected data from 11 small software companies in Bangladesh to assess the current testing service. The survey’s results revealed the gaps in their CMMI-SVC practice areas and also pinpointed potential improvement of practice areas. This document presents a made strides system pointing at the exposure of how to tailor key practice areas of CMMI SVC in the testing process. We proposed a framework that is based on a unified testing model. By following the proposed steps any software companies can enhance their maturity level.

Software Testing, Testing Services, CMMI-SVC, Test Maturity.
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International Conference on Evaluation of Novel Approaches to Software Engineering, ENASE - Proceedings
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