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Green Human Resource Management, Top Management Commitment, Green Culture, and Green Performance of Malaysian Palm Oil Companies
, Tze San Ong,

Examining the impact of green human resource management (GHRM), top management commitment (TMC), and green culture (GC) on green performance (GP) of Palm oil companies (POCs) in Malaysia is the aim of the study. A self-administered structured questionnaire was adapted to collect data. SPSS and Smart-PLS software analyzed the 165 firms’ usable responses. The empirical results found significant positive impacts of GHRM, TMC, and GC on GP. The outcome offers valuable insights into the knowledge domain and practices of GHRM and how it affects the GP of POCs. Moreover, the observed results highlight the importance of GC and TMC in implementing green procedures to create positive GP. To the researchers, no study has explored the relationship between GHRM, TMC, GC, and GP using empirical data from Malaysian POCs. Moreover, this research’s findings enrich the researchers, academicians, and practitioners practically and theoretically.

Green Culture; Green Performance; Green Human Resource Management; Sustainability; Top Management Commitment
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International Journal of Technology
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