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A Comprehensive Study on Epidemiology Case Studies Using Computational Analysis
, Amatul Bushra Akhi,

Health-related issues and occurrences with regard to a particular population are the subject of an epidemiology study. This paper presents the results of a retrospective epidemiological investigation on 15922 hospitalized hand trauma patients from Central China between 2011 and 2020. Gender, age, onset season, injury mechanism, injury environment, injury location, and clinical characteristics are among the characteristics of the data gathered. The study is using computational analysis to draw inferences from the case studies collected in the databases of the hospitals. The types and characteristics of occupational injuries at home and outdoor are compared and analyzed. The purpose of the study is to present the findings from recent case studies for future reference and to recommend useful roles for the industrial sector in the care of patients with hand trauma in order to lower occupational harm. The injuries of preschool children are also analyzed. The incidence rate of hand injuries in infants has been increasing year by year which is directly related to the inefficient growth of children in rural areas. The data are collected from hospitals, then the data analytical tools are applied to draw conclusions. The suggested model is intelligently learned through the application of computational techniques, which are also used to suggest treatments to trauma victims. According to this study, males are more likely than females to sustain hand trauma; occupational injuries are more common than living injuries; males between the ages of 20 and 50 are at an increased risk of suffering an occupational injury. This study showed that the proportion of hand trauma in preschool children was higher (12.27%), and the 2-3-year-old group was the main injury target of preschool children (45.70%). The accidental injuries of newborns and young children can be reduced by government assistance, social support, and tighter monitoring.

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Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience
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