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Body-Centered Double-Square Split-Ring Enclosed Nested Meander-Line-Shaped Metamaterial-Loaded Microstrip-Based Resonator for Sensing Applications
, Mayeen Uddin Khandaker,

The strong localization of the electric and magnetic fields in metamaterial-based structures has attracted a new era of radiation fields in the microwave range. In this research work, we represent a double split ring enclosed nested meander-line-shaped metamaterial resonator with a high effective medium ratio layered on a dielectric substrate to enhance the sensitivity for the material characterization. Tailoring a metallic design and periodical arrangement of the split ring resonator in a subwavelength range introduced field enhancement and strong localization of the electromagnetic field. The design methodology is carried out through the optimization technique with different geometric configurations to increase the compactness of the design. The CST microwave studio is utilized for the extraction of the scattering computational value within the defined boundary condition. The effective parameters from the reflection and transmission coefficient are taken into account to observe the radiation characteristics for the interaction with the applied electromagnetic spectrum. The proposed metamaterial-based sensor exhibits high sensitivity for different dielectric materials with low permittivity values. The numerical data of the frequency deviation for the different dielectric constants have shown good agreement using the linear regression analysis where the sensitivity is R2 = 0.9894 and the figure of merit is R2 = 0.9978.
double negative; metamaterial; microstrip resonator; sensing
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