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A Cost-Effective IoT Device for Protecting People from the Dangers of Environmental Risk in Bangladesh
Mahmuda Mahfuz Rimi, Md Anowar Hossen Faysal, Md Masudur Rahaman, Md Rasel Ahmed , Md. Ferdouse Ahmed Foysal,

The factors of population growth, unplanned urbanization, vehicles, factories, and brick kilns are constantly making air quality concerns. In addition, due to lack of public awareness, people are continually facing various kinds of unintended accidents, for example, gas cylinder poisoning. The main objective of our paper is to create a low-cost Internet of Things (IoT) based system that can measure atmospheric air quality and gas leakage. Sensitive data will be stored on the server via the Internet of Things (IoT) device, which will visualize the data from the server via the website and the Android app. Moreover, by understanding the state of the environment, the user will be informed about the environment through Android apps and websites to protect himself from the grip of air pollution and protect himself before an accident like a gas cylinder.

Atmospheric measurements , Sociology , Machine learning , Air pollution , Production facilities , Pollution measurement , Internet of Things
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2022 IEEE 8th International Conference on Computing, Engineering and Design, ICCED 2022
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