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A Data Analysis Technique to Find the Environmental Effect on Egg Production in the Poultry Farm Using ML and IOT
Ayesha Siddika, Md Anowar Hossen Faysal, Md Masudur Rahaman, Md Rasel Ahmed , Md. Ferdouse Ahmed Foysal, Mohammad Ali,

Environmental maintenance of the poultry house is essential for maintaining the excellent health of the poultry as the rate of egg production is disrupted due to illness. Our main objective is to find real-time environmental impact using IoT and machine learning to ensure optimal egg production in the poultry industry, an unimaginable change for the poultry industry. Environmental data such as Temperature, Humidity, Ammonia, Light Intensity, Noise which affect the egg production, have been measured through low-cost IoT devices. The collected data has been kept on the online server. Through our website and Android app, we will send messages to poultry farmers by combining the collected environmental data with standard data to be aware of the status of their poultry farms. The server analyzes the stored data using machine learning algorithms on how to maximize egg production based on poultry farm environment conditions. As a result, the poultry industry can be transformed into a profitable industry with unimaginable changes.

Industries , Temperature measurement , Temperature distribution , Production , Maintenance engineering , Real-time systems , Internet of Things
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2022 IEEE 8th International Conference on Computing, Engineering and Design, ICCED 2022
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