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A Comprehensive Review on Big Data for Industries: Challenges and Opportunities
, Mohammad Shamsul Arefin,
Technological advancements in large industries like power, minerals, and manufacturing are generating massive data every second. Big data techniques have opened up numerous opportunities to utilize massive datasets in several effective ways to improve the efficacy of related industries. This paper presents a review of big data technologies used in the power, mineral, and manufacturing industries for various purposes. We analyze the meta-data of the collected papers before reviewing and selecting papers by applying selection criteria and paper quality assessment strategy. Then we propose a taxonomy of big data application areas in the power, mineral, and manufacturing industries. We have studied current big data architectures and techniques implemented in industry sectors and have uncovered the big data research gaps in industry sectors. To address the gaps, we point out some relevant research questions and, to answer the questions, we make some future research recommendations that might explore interesting research ideas for building a big data-driven industry. As the careful use of big data benefits every other industry sector; hence, supportive big data frameworks need to be developed to speed up the big data analysis process. Proper multi-dimensional big data assessment is also needed to take into account for serving effective data analysis tasks. Industry automation is also heavily influenced by the proper utilization of big data. While an intelligent agent can make many processes and heavy production loads in the manufacturing industry, it can work in a risky environment such as mines efficiently. To train agents for working in a specific environment big data can be used.

Big Data , Gas industry , Minerals , Petroleum industry , Manufacturing industries , Quality assessment , Drilling , Smart grids , Power systems
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"IEEE Access "
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