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Does the depth of the Financial Markets matter for establishing Green Growth? Assessing Financial sector’s potency in decoupling Economic Growth and Environmental Pollution
, Muntasir Murshed,

China's 2060 carbon neutrality agenda requires implementation of policies that can decouple its economic growth from environmental pollution. Consequently, establishing green growth in the Chinese economy is of utmost significance. Against this milieu, this study questions whether the depth of Chinese financial markets matters for establishing green growth in China. Besides, the green growth effects of renewable energy use, technological innovation, and urbanization are also examined. Accordingly, quarterly frequency data from 1990Q1 to 2020Q4 are utilized to perform econometric tests that accommodate structural break concerns in data. Overall, the findings reveal that the depth of the Chinese financial markets facilitates the prospects of greening the Chinese economy. Notably, deepening of financial markets is seen to initially inhibit green growth while stimulating it later on; thus, the financial markets' depth-green growth nexus is evidenced to depict a U-shape. On the other hand, green growth in China is also found to be catalyzed by the renewable transformation of the Chinese energy sector and through technological innovation in the long-run. Conversely, urbanization is witnessed to inflict anti-green growth impacts. Furthermore, the causality analysis verifies bi-directional causal associations between renewable energy use and green growth while unidirectional causalities running from financial markets' deepening, technological innovation, and urbanization to green growth are also discovered. Therefore, it is recommended that China should try to persistently develop its stock and debt markets so that clean investment can be boosted to decouple economic growth and environmental pollution. Besides, it is also important to undergo renewable energy transition, develop clean technologies, and design low-energy urbanization strategies.

carbon neutrality; environmentally sustainable growth; financial deepening; financial market; green growth; renewable energy.
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