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Advances and key considerations of liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry for porcine authentication in halal analysis
, Nizam Uddin,

The halal food industries are rapidly expanding to fulfill global halal demands. Non-halal substances such as porcine proteins are often added intentionally or unintentionally to products. The development of highly selective and sensitive analytical tools is necessary, and liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry is a powerful tool that can cope with the challenge. The LC–MS method has great potential for halal authentication, because it has high sensitivity and low detection limit and detects several species markers and different tissue origins at once within one species. This article provides an understanding of recent advances in the application of LC–MS for the improvement of porcine authentication. Sample preparation, marker selection, separation and mass spectrometry conditions, quantitative assessment, and data processing for protein identification were all covered in detail to choose the most suitable method for the analytical needs.

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Journal of Analytical Science and Technology
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