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Comparison of CNN-based deep learning architectures for rice diseases classification
Md Taimur Ahad, Touhid Bhuiyan,

Although convolutional neural network (CNN) paradigms have expanded to transfer learning and ensemble models from original individual CNN architectures, few studies have focused on the performance comparison of the applicability of these techniques in detecting and localizing rice diseases. Moreover, most CNN-based rice disease detection studies only considered a small number of diseases in their experiments. Both these shortcomings were addressed in this study. In this study, a rice disease classification comparison of six CNN-based deep-learning architectures (DenseNet121, Inceptionv3, MobileNetV2, resNext101, Resnet152V, and Seresnext101) was conducted using a database of nine of the most epidemic rice diseases in Bangladesh. In addition, we applied a transfer learning approach to DenseNet121, MobileNetV2, Resnet152V, Seresnext101, and an ensemble model called DEX (Densenet121, EfficientNetB7, and Xception) to compare the six individual CNN networks, transfer learning, and ensemble techniques. The results suggest that the ensemble framework provides the best accuracy of 98%, and transfer learning can increase the accuracy by 17% from the results obtained by Seresnext101 in detecting and localizing rice leaf diseases. The high accuracy in detecting and categorisation rice leaf diseases using CNN suggests that the deep CNN model is promising in the plant disease detection domain and can significantly impact the detection of diseases in real-time agricultural systems. This research is significant for farmers in rice-growing countries, as like many other plant diseases, rice diseases require timely and early identification of infected diseases and this research develops a rice leaf detection system based on CNN that is expected to help farmers to make fast decisions to protect their agricultural yields and quality.

Deep learning, Convolutional neural networks (CNNs), Transfer learning, Plant leaf disease detection
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Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture
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