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Analysis of buying perception of textile engineering students to identify the scope of local brands in Bangladeshi apparel market
, Mahamudul Hasan Prince , Shapla Akhter Sagorika ,

Apparel from the local brands are becoming more and more popular in Bangladesh as well as around the world. In this study, qualitative and quantitative data both are used to evaluate how these students are currently buying local clothing products. The target audience for this study are textile engineering students of Bangladesh. This is a niche segment because these students possess knowledge about the manufacturing process that a regular buyer does not. It is safe to say, this segment of buyers are subjected to the brands and their products to additional scrutiny possibly indicating gaps in the market. Which can provide the clear concept about the current situation of local brands in the apparel market. Here, primary data from the questionnaire responses are analyzed using Microsoft Excel to draw conclusions about the project results from different statistical analysis. The data analysis results suggested that about 70% of students often buy apparel from a range of local brands, compared to only 9% of students who frequently shop at brand stores. In addition, budgets for festival-specific clothing make up around 6.88% of those of textile engineering students. Therefore, this study revealed the real scenario of local brands and their scope in the apparel market of Bangladesh.

Textile engineering studentsLocal brandsConsumer behaviorPurchaseBangladeshi apparel market
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Cleaner Engineering and Technology
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