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A Comprehensive Study of DCNN Algorithms-based Transfer Learning for Human Eye Cataract Detection
Omar Jilani Jidan, Anirban Roy, Mirajul Islam, Ms. Sharun Akter Khushbu, S.M. Saiful Islam Badhon, Susmoy Paul,

This study presents a comparative analysis of different deep convolutional neural network (DCNN) architectures, including VGG19, NASNet, ResNet50, and MobileNetV2, with and without data augmentation, for the automatic detection of cataracts in fundus images. Utilizing hybrid architecture models, namely ResNet50-NASNet and ResNet50+MobileNetV2, which combine two state-of-the-art DCNNs, this research demonstrates their superior performance. Specifically, MobileNetV2 and the combined ResNet50+MobileNetV2 outperform other models, achieving an impressive accuracy of 99.00%. By emphasizing the efficacy of diverse datasets and pre-processing techniques, as well as the potential of pretrained DCNN models, this study contributes to accurate cataract diagnosis. Furthermore, the proposed system has the potential to reduce reliance on ophthalmologists, decrease the cost of eye check-ups, and improve accessibility to eye care for a wider population. These findings showcase the successful application of deep learning and image processing techniques in the early detection and treatment of various medical conditions, including cataracts, addressing the needs of individuals with diminished vision through ocular images and innovative hybrid architectures.

Cataract detection; eye disease; ocular images; deep convolutional neural network (DCNN); hybrid architecture
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International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications
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