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Impact of COVID-19 on Micronutrient Adequacy and Dietary Diversity among Women of Reproductive Age from Selected Households in Bangladesh
Tasmia Tasnim,

Women of reproductive age (WRA) are recognized as a nutritionally sensitive demographic that is vulnerable to micronutrient deficiencies. The purpose of this study is to determine the situation and influencing factors of diet diversity and micronutrient adequacy during the pandemic-induced economic lockdown period among women living in a selected area of Bangladesh. Twenty-four-hour dietary recall was used to measure the nutrient intake and also used for constructing the Minimum Dietary Diversity for Women (MDD-W) and nutrient adequacy ratio (NAR). Household food insecurity and coping strategies were also measured. Multivariate logistic regression was carried out to identify the link between potential risk factors and MDD-W. About two-thirds (59.9%) of the study subjects did not meet the MDD-W threshold. The women’s total energy and protein consumptions were 1475.1 kcal and 46.3 g, respectively, with the diversified diet group consuming more than the non-diverse diet group. Except for vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin D, all micronutrients evaluated in the diversified diet group had significantly higher NAR values than the non-diverse diet group. The mean adequacy ratio (MAR) of the overall reproductive women was 0.468 ± 0.096, and it was significantly associated with MDD-W. Another notable finding is that attainment of minimal diversity was not sufficient to achieve acceptable nutrient adequacy for women, pertaining to their low-quantity intake. In addition to this, household size, women’s education, coping strategy, and the MAR were found to be significant determinants of MDD-W in the multivariate logistic regression analysis. The findings of the present study therefore highlight the impending need for interventions that ensure good dietary quality for women even during crisis periods.

women of reproductive age; dietary diversity; nutrient adequacy; COVID-19; Bangladesh
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