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Potential benefits and therapeutic applications of "Panchgavya" therapy (Cowpathy) for human and animal health: Current scientific knowledge
, Shopnil Akash,

Cow's milk, urine, dung, ghee, and curd (together known as "Panchgavya") have incomparable medicinal value in Ayurveda and ancient Indian clinical methods. Panchgavya is also known as Cowpathy in Ayurveda. In India, the cow is revered as a goddess known as "Gaumata" because of its nurturing qualities similar to those of a mother. Almost no adverse effects are associated with using Panchgavya, which is why it is recommended in Ayurveda for treating disorders affecting numerous body systems. Its possible antimicrobial effects have piqued the curiosity of medical researchers and practitioners. Cow milk is widely regarded as a nutritious diet and has been shown to effectively treat various medical conditions, including high body temperature, pain, cancer, diabetes, kidney diseases, and weakness. Milk can prevent the growth of microorganisms, has erotic qualities when combined with the leaves of medicinal herbs, and the fat in milk has anticancer characteristics. Toned and skim milk, lassi, yoghurt, cottage cheese, and khoa all come from milk and have important medicinal characteristics. Curd (dahi) is recommended as a blood purifier for conditions such as hemorrhoids, piles, and gastrointestinal issues. Ghee made from cows has been shown to boost immunity. It is important to highlight the use of cow dung as an antifungal and for treating malaria and tuberculosis. It has the potential to aid in the development of a populace free from disease, the creation of sustainable energy systems, the fulfilment of all nutritional needs, the elimination of poverty, the promotion of organic farming culture, and the like. Cow urine is a powerful remedy for numerous medical conditions, including but not limited to epileptic convulsions, diabetes, hepatitis, inflammation, fever, and anaemia. The current review article explores how the Panchgavya ingredients can be employed to safeguard human and animal health.

Cowpathy, Panchgavya, Cow urine, Milk, Dung, Ghee, Curd, Human health and diseases
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Journal of Experimental Biology and Agricultural Sciences
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