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Protection of the Environment Under Trade and Investment Agreements: An Analysis Based on Existing Legal Frameworks
Kudrat-E-Khuda (Babu), Nazia Afroz Ananna,

Free trade causes damage to the environment substantially as it puts pressure on natural resources in its venture to expand economic activities. On the other hand, there is also an argument that free trade has the potential to improve environmental quality by contributing to growth. Such growth enhancement may help individuals, organizations, or governments raise funds and spend more on environmental protection. This paper highlights the links between trade and the environment. Besides, it also shows how international trade and environmental protection are both essential to the well-being of humanity and, conversely, how they are mutually supportive. This paper also scrutinizes how the WTO plays a role in balancing trade and the environment, as many WTO agreements have environmental exceptions.

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Nature Environment and Pollution Technology
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