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A critical review and prospect of NO2 and SO2 pollution over Asia: Hotspots, trends, and sources
, Abu Reza Md Towfiqul Islam,

Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and sulfur dioxide (SO2) are two major atmospheric pollutants that significantly threaten human health, the environment, and ecosystems worldwide. Despite this, only some studies have investigated the spatiotemporal hotspots of NO2 and SO2, their trends, production, and sources in Asia. Our study presents a literature review covering the production, trends, and sources of NO2 and SO2 across Asian countries (e.g., Bangladesh, China, India, Iran, Japan, Pakistan, Malaysia, Kuwait, and Nepal). Based on the findings of the review, NO2 and SO2 pollution are increasing due to industrial activity, fossil fuel burning, biomass burning, heavy traffic movement, electricity generation, and power plants. There is significant concern about health risks associated with NO2 and SO2 emissions in Bangladesh, China, India, Malaysia, and Iran, as they pay less attention to managing and controlling pollution. Even though the lack of quality datasets and adequate research in most Asian countries further complicates the management and control of NO2 and SO2 pollution. This study has NO2 and SO2 pollution scenarios, including hotspots, trends, sources, and their influences on Asian countries. This study highlights the existing research gaps and recommends new research on identifying integrated sources, their variations, spatiotemporal trends, emission characteristics, and pollution level. Finally, the present study suggests a framework for controlling and monitoring these two pollutants' emissions.

NO2, SO2, AsiaAir pollution, Hotspot, Trend
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Science of the Total Environment
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