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Detection and Counter Measure of Packet Misrouting by GPS-Free Positioning of Ad-Hoc Nodes
, Md Salah Uddin,

The ad-hoc networks are a developing area of research with a large and wide variety of applications and related requirements. The nodes participating in an ad-hoc network use different routing protocols to send their packets from one node to another. But most of the time, the ad-hoc network is not suitable for urgent needs. For this, an ad-hoc network GPS-free positioning system can be used in emergency situations to save people in danger. Nodes participating in an ad-hoc network choose the best route from various nodes near them to send information through the complex system. For this, we have used trust dynamic source routing (TDSR) in our research work to determine and design the best route to transmit information, and we designed this system with the aim of being able to be used in emergencies. We have compared our proposed routing protocols with dynamic source routing (DSR) and found out that TDSR is working excellent.

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Mobile Information Systems
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