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Identifying factors affecting irrigation metrics in the Haor basin using integrated Shannon's entropy, fuzzy logic and automatic linear model
, Abu Reza Md Towfiqul Islam,

The sustainability of agricultural practices is seriously threatened by the quality of water used for irrigation. This paper aims to evaluate the suitability of irrigation water and identify the region suitable for agricultural use in the Haor basin of Bangladesh using conventional irrigation indices such as sodium adsorption ratio (SAR), percent sodium (Na%), magnesium hazard ratio (MHR), permeability index (PI), and Kelly's ratio (KR), as well as novel irrigation indices such as, Shannon's entropy index for irrigation water quality (EWQ) and fuzzy logic index for irrigation water quality (FIWQI). The main influences of groundwater and surface water parameters on irrigation indices were predicted using automatic linear modeling (ALM). Forty water samples were collected from shallow tube wells, rivers, canals, ponds, and drainage systems within agricultural land sampled and analyzed for cations and anions. SAR and KR show that 52.5% and 60% of the samples exceeded the allowable level, respectively, indicating that they were unsuitable for irrigation. According to EWQI, about 55% of the analyzed samples were of good quality, while 45% were of medium quality. ALM predicted that KR (0.98), Na% (0.87), and MHR (0.14) were the main significant factors affecting SAR and KR. ALM shows that elevated sodium, magnesium, and calcium are the most important factors affecting irrigation water suitability. The EWQI and FIWQI integrated models showed that water from nearly 30% of the sampling sites would need treatment before use. A new suitability map created by overlaying all parameters showed that surface water and some groundwater in the western and southwestern portions are suitable for agriculture. The north-central part is unsuitable for irrigation due to excessive sodium and magnesium levels. This paper will highlight the irrigation pattern for regional water resource use, identify new suitable regions, and improve sustainable agricultural practices in the Haor basin.

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Environmental Research
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