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Bitcoin trading indicator: a machine learning driven real time bitcoin trading indicator for the crypto market
Ashikur Rahaman, Nusrat Jahan, Abu Kowshir Bitto, Imran Mahmud, Khalid Been Md. Badruzzaman Biplob, Md. Hasan Imam Bijoy,

As opposed to other fiat currencies, bitcoin has no relationship with banks. Its price fluctuation is largely influenced by fresh blocks, news, mining information, support or resistance levels, and public opinion. Therefore, a machine-learning model will be fantastic if it learns from data and tells or indicates if we need to purchase or sell for a little period. In this study, we attempted to create a tool or indicator that can gather tweets in real-time using tweepy and the Twitter application programming interface (API) and report the sentiment at the time. Using the renowned Python module "FBProphet," we developed a model in the second phase that can gather historical price data for the bitcoin to US dollar (BTCUSD) pair and project the price of bitcoin. In order to provide guidance for an intelligent forex trader, we finally merged all of the models into one form. We traded with various models for a very little number of days to validate our bitcoin trading indicator (BTI), and we discovered that the combined version of this tool is more profitable. With the combined version of the instrument, we quickly and with little error root mean square error (RMSE: 1,480.58) generated a profit of $1,000.71 USD.

Bitcoin; Forex trading; Machine learning; Sentiment analysis; Web scraping
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Bulletin of Electrical Engineering and Informatics
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