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Determinants of women’s entrepreneurial performance: Evidence from Bangladesh
, Dr. Khadiza Rahman Tanchi,

Women entrepreneurship has been gaining a prominent awareness among policymak- ers in contemporary economics, as it can hasten the rate of technological advancement and economic progress. The objective of this study is to determine the influencing fac- tors of women’s entrepreneurial performance in a developing country like Bangladesh. This investigation is quantitative in scope and exploratory in character. The conve- nience non-probability sampling identified 250 women entrepreneurs in Bangladesh. The study developed a questionnaire in Google Forms by reviewing the relevant lit- erature on entrepreneurial performance. Email addresses of women entrepreneurial ventures were collected from the digital database to send the questionnaires. This study used SPSS v26.0 to test the model and verify the hypotheses at the 5% significance level. To measure the reliability, Cronbach’s Alpha (α) value of 0.70 or more than 0.70 was regarded as acceptable. This study found that entrepreneurial orientation, network- ing, opportunity identification, economic factors, and socio-cultural factors positively and significantly affect women’s entrepreneurial performance. These findings could be helpful for the government, non-governmental organizations, local community, civil society, and researchers to formulate effective strategies and policies to grow women- owned enterprises in Bangladesh.

women’s entrepreneurial performance, entrepreneurial orientation, networking, opportunity identification, economic factors, socio-cultural factors
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Problems and Perspectives in Management
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