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Design Patterns for Mobile Games Based on Structural Similarity
, Sook Fern Yeo,

Software design patterns have a proven impact on the quality of software applications and the development process of an application. The success of design patterns in the software industry has attracted mobile game developers and researchers to apply patterns in the context of mobile games. Researchers have already proposed different frameworks and design patterns, but they are not truly beneficial for game developers. The high-level taxonomies can be adjuvant while proposing useful design patterns. The existing taxonomies for mobile games do not consider different parts of a game that outline top-level structure. In this paper, we propose a new taxonomy that emphasizes the top-level structure for identifying new design patterns for mobile games. We propose five novel generic design patterns that might be applied to the development of mobile games and other software applications. The presented design patterns are, in a true sense, programming patterns that outline top-level generic classes and interfaces, and that could be the basis for the development of new games. We developed four demo games by using these patterns for the realization of taxonomy and design patterns.

design patterns; mobile games; taxonomy of games; consumer product; product reusability; game interaction
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Applied Sciences (Switzerland)
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