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Quantum Calculation, Docking, ADMET and Molecular Dynamics of Ketal and Non-ketal Forms of D-glucofuranose Against Bacteria, Black & White Fungus, and Triple-Negative Breast Cancer
Shopnil Akash,

"D-glucofuranose has potent bioactivity against numerous diseases and pathogens, such as

bacteria, fungi, viruses, and cancer. Normally, the ketal form of D-glucofuranose is converted into the

non-ketal form by drug metabolism in the human body; as a result, both the ketal and non-ketal forms

of D-glucofuranose are considered. To make a comparative biological activity study of ketal and nonketal species of nine derivatives of D-glucofuranose, two bacteria, black fungus, white fungus, and

triple-negative breast cancer, were selected. Firstly, the PASS prediction data from the online PASS

tool indicated the probability of pathogenic efficacy through the Pa and Pi parameters. Secondly, the

computational studies, such as molecular docking, molecular dynamic, ADMET, drug-likeness,

pharmacokinetic, aquatic, and non-aquatic features, were calculated with three FDA-approved drugs,

including azithromycin, nystatin, and cyclophosphamide. A comparative study of computational data

has been performed where the ketal forms of D-glucofuranose derivatives were found highly

biologically active with the satisfaction of the pharmacokinetic parameters, ADMET parameters, and

Lipinski rule."

"antimicrobials; docking; molecular dynamics; pharmacokinetic properties; triple-negative breast cancer."
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Biointerface Research in Applied Chemistry
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