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An IoT-Based System to Measure Methane and Carbon Dioxide Emissions Along with Temperature and Humidity in Urban Areas
Umme Sanzida Afroz, Israt Jahan, Md. Sadekur Rahman, Mr. Md. Rafidul Hasan Khan,

The increment of the world population is the main reason behind the emission of greenhouse gasses like methane and carbon dioxide which affect temperature and humidity. To identify this problem, we implemented an IoT system using an ESP32 microcontroller and the necessary sensor to measure data from the outdoor environment and deploy our system to monitor the outdoor temperature and humidity quality due to increasing the level of methane and carbon dioxide. In the next step, the measured data was sent into the ThingSpeak cloud server and later was made available for visualization. This research work seeks to estimate the level of methane and carbon dioxide emissions which has a great impact on increasing temperature and humidity and also highlights some complications to integrating modern sensors based on the emergence of the Internet of things (IoT) concept. However, the data preserved in the cloud server can be used for further analysis to find other impacts of gasses in our environment.

"IoT ThingSpeak Methane emission Carbon dioxide emission Temperature and humidity"
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Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies
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