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Monitoring and Controlling of Smart Irrigation System
Md. Abu Sayem, Md. Siddiqur Rahman,

The goal of this project is to create a complete agricultural system that will enable our farmers to use the least expensive technologies. Sensors are utilized for the perception of the environmental conditions encompassing the crop whose outputs are obtained on Associate in nursing humanoid primarily based mobile application likewise as uploaded on the cloud. A record of this information will be maintained that may well be used for the long-run reference, i.e., within the next cropping season, enhancing the development of crop production. This paper shows the prudent utilization of the Internet of Things for typical farming. It demonstrates the utilization of NodeMCU ESP8266-based observed and controlled shrewd water system that is both cost effective and simple. Farmers may irrigate their fields more easily with the help of an automatic irrigation system. A cation concentration detector, water flow detector, temperature locator, and soil condition identifier all exist independently in this savvy water system, and these sensors microcontroller drives the pump motor. Remotely on the Internet through the ESP8266 Wi-Fi unit, the information was obtained by NodeMCU, which then passed. These are scanned using sent data and board IoT. This empowers the far-off instrument through a safe web association with the client or user. The actual time values and reference values of several parameters required by crops have been generated for an Internet website. Users can use the Internet service to control water pumps as well as keep an eye on preset reference values that might help farmers enhance productivity with higher-quality crops.

"Smart irrigation NodeMCU ESP8266 Soil moisture sensor Wi-Fi Mobile or desktop screen Web server"
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