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Predicting Participants’ Performance in Programming Contests Using Deep Learning Techniques
, Al Amin Biswas,

" In recent days, the number of technology enthusiasts is increasing day by day with the prevalence of technological products and

easy access to the internet. Similarly, the amount of people working behind this rapid development is rising tremendously. Computer programmers consist of a large portion of those tech-savvy people. Codeforces,

an online programming and contest hosting platform used by many competitive programmers worldwide. It is regarded as one of the most standardized platforms for practicing programming problems and participate

in programming contests. In this research, we propose a framework that

predicts the performance of any particular contestant in the upcoming

competitions as well as predicts the rating after that contest based on

their practice and the performance of their previous contests."

"Codeforces, Programming Contest, Performance Analysis and Prediction."
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Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems
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