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Novel Approaches for the Application of Herbs for Skin Care
, Mohammad Amjad Kamal,

Skin is the largest non-parenchymal organ of the human body. It constitutes a natural barrier against pathogens and harmful environmental exposures and contributes to the human body's homeostasis. Conditions affecting the skin range from infections and injury to autoimmune diseases and cancer. Herbs have been used to treat dermatological conditions for a long time. Traditional approaches to delivering herbs to the skin include ointments, gels, creams, and lotions. However, poor lipophilicity or hydrophilicity in most herbal preparations results in limited bioavailability and poor penetration, restricting their effectiveness. Nanotechnology-based approaches have major potential, showing more promising results in enhancing transdermal penetration than traditional approaches. This review article summarizes such advances and sheds light on future directions in using nanotechnology-based strategies.

Herbs; autoimmune disease; cosmetics; nanotechnology; psoriasis; transdermal.
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Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
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