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Exploring the potential function of trace elements in human health: a therapeutic perspective
Md Rezaul Islam, Feana Tasmim Nowrin, Maruf Hossain Jony, Md Mominur Rahman, Md Noor Alam, Shopnil Akash,

A trace element, known as a minor element, is a chemical element whose concentration is very low. They are divided into essential and non-essential classes. Numerous physiological and metabolic processes in both plants and animals require essential trace elements. These essential trace elements are so directly related to the metabolic and physiologic processes of the organism that either their excess or deficiency can result in severe bodily malfunction or, in the worst situations, death. Elements can be found in nature in various forms and are essential for the body to carry out its varied functions. Trace elements are crucial for biological, chemical, and molecular cell activity. Nutritional deficits can lead to weakened immunity, increased susceptibility to oral and systemic infections, delayed physical and mental development, and lower productivity. Trace element enzymes are involved in many biological and chemical processes. These compounds act as co-factors for a number of enzymes and serve as centers for stabilizing the structures of proteins and enzymes, allowing them to mediate crucial biological processes. Some trace elements control vital biological processes by attaching to molecules on the cell membrane's receptor site or altering the structure of the membrane to prevent specific molecules from entering the cell. Some trace elements are engaged in redox reactions. Trace elements have two purposes. They are required for the regular stability of cellular structures, but when lacking, they might activate alternate routes and induce disorders. Therefore, thoroughly understanding these trace elements is essential for maintaining optimal health and preventing disease.

"Body function; Diseases; Enzymes; Health; Micro-nutrients; Trace elements. "
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Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry
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