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Complications Arising Due to Orthodontic Treatment—A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Mohammad Khursheed Alam,

A variety of metals and alloys are employed in the field of orthodontics, of which the construction of wires happens to be predominant. Through this systematic review, our primary goal was to review and assess studies focusing on complications that emerged during or directly after the completion of an orthodontic treatment plan. We then used a meta-analysis to determine how these complications affected the patients who were receiving orthodontic treatment. A total of 634 documents were discovered after a thorough search of online journals, and 416 of the papers were initially selected. In the end, 14 papers, including in vitro experiments, literature reviews, comparative analyses, observational studies, and retrospective studies, were chosen that met the requisite inclusion and exclusion criteria. There were difficulties related to orthodontic treatment in all of the studies listed in our systematic review, but their severity varied greatly. The effects of gingival mucosa and root resorption were two of the most often mentioned periodontal problems in this review. More long-term studies are required to confirm the involvement of an orthodontic component in these issues, but the majority of the complications were assessed to initially arise after the treatment plan had begun and to resolve with time.

complications; mucosal damage; orthodontics; orthodontic appliances; periodontitis
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Applied Sciences (Switzerland)
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