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Analysis of Water Quality of Hatirjheel Lake, Dhaka, Bangladesh
A. B. M. Kamal Pasha, Mahfuza Parveen, Md. Azharul Haque Chowdhury, Muhammad Abdullah, S. M. Mahmudur Rahman, Syed Omayer Mustafa,

The study assessed the status of water quality parameters for an urban water body (Hatirjheel Lake) in Dhaka, the Capital city of Bangladesh. Nine different water samples were collected from nine points of the lake during the dry season in January 2021. Water quality parameters such as pH, electrical conductivity (EC), total dissolved solids (TDS), total suspended solids (TSS), total alkalinity, total acidity, total hardness, Ca2+ hardness, free CO2, and dissolved oxygen (DO) were determined for the samples. The status of the parameters is pH (6.51- 7.05), EC (510-600 μ, TDS (450-590 ppm), TSS (0.0-0.034 mg.L-1), total alkalinity (80- 392 mg.L-1), total acidity (224-500 mg.L-1), total hardness (348-452 mg.L-1), Ca2+ hardness (74-162 mg.L-1), free CO2 (730-1170 mg.L-1), DO (2.7-5.5 mg.L-1). However, the DO value at some points of the lake is too less (2.7 mg.L-1 and 3.7 mg.L-1) than the standard value (> 5-6 mg.L-1) of ECR, DoE, which might not be healthy for any water body and aquatic ecosystem. Other water quality parameters are within the permissible limit of WHO and ECR, DoE.

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Nature Environment and Pollution Technology
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