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A Study Review of Neural Audio Speech Transposition over Language Processing
Sharun Akter Khushbu, Dr. Sheak Rashed Haider Noori, MAHAFOZUR RAHMAN , Moshfiqur Rahman Ajmain,

Natural Language processing is the advancement of Artificial Intelligence in the modern technological era. Machine Translation this is the vast majority of languages transformation among human languages and computer interaction. NLP domain creates a sequential analysis of the path where the neural network basement is mathematically and theoretically strong enough. In unwritten language aim to multimodal language transformation. According to the spoken language there are several aspects of prosperity. Thereby coming up with the development of linguistic CNN models for all manpower who spoke in their mother tongue. Therefore, concern with english speech language processing advancement has a great impact on language transformation. In a sense other languages can be placed by the speech to language transformation computational period emerged on severally made corpus languages. Due to this implementation of model refer probabilistic model. Consequently, this is a study of a benchmark of recent happenings in unwritten language to language modeling in which summarization or transformation will be faster. With concern current research work that has described how performing best in CNN model and attention model, described statistical deployment. Finally, this paper is capable of inflicting the solution. Furthermore, studies have discussed the impact of result, observation, challenges and limitation with the respect of the solution. The challenge is voice identification without noise is challenging.

"NLP CNN AI Attention Mechanism"
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Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems
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