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A New Chaotic-Based Analysis of Data Encryption and Decryption
Fatema Tuj Johora, Alamin-Ul-Islam, Farzana Yesmin, Md. Mosfikur Rahman,

Because the amount of exchange hypersensitive data via the Internet is growing at an exponential rate, network and data security have recently been the most pressing worry. On the subject of data security, many approaches are available, including “cryptography.” When data is sent from the sender to the receiver, it is encrypted using an encryption method, and when it is received by the receiver, it is decrypted using a decryption algorithm to see the exact and true data that was sent by the sender previously. Data encryption can be done in a number of ways. With algorithms like AES, DES, and RSA for data encryption and decryption, this research proposes a novel CRSA (chaotic random seed algorithm) technique. CRSA was also compared to other algorithms to see how well they performed. The experimental data presented in this work are used to examine those algorithms as well as our new CRSA algorithm. Cryptography, encryption, decryption, random reed, millisecond, and data security are all terms used in this paper.

"Cryptography Decryption Data Encryption RSA and CRSA"
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Springer Proceedings in Mathematics and Statistics
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