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Modeling Positive Electronic Word of Mouth and Purchase Intention Using Theory of Consumption Value
, Thurasamy Ramayah,

Green is a timely and crucial concept in sustainability; therefore, encouraging both public and private businesses in Malaysia to persistently promote and make attempts to put green practices into effect is similarly crucial. The green industry and its environment are under pressure as a result of its acquisition, which is still occurring at an alarming rate. Using the theory of consumption values (TCV) as the underlying theory, this study explores the potential drivers of green purchases while also analyzing the mediation effect of positive word-of-mouth. Purposive sampling was employed in this study and data analysis was conducted using covariance-based structural equation modeling (SEM-AMOS). Findings from 336 respondents highlight the significance of positive word-of-mouth, emotional value, and epistemic value, as major determinants of green purchase intention. This study offers crucial information that will aid suppliers of green goods in motivating customers to make green purchases by emphasizing high-impact product values. Additionally, the study advocates the promotion of sustainable practices by emphasizing positive word-of-mouth in sparking public interest to make green purchases.

green; consumption values; positive word-of-mouth; purchase intention; SEM AMOS
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Sustainability (Switzerland)
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