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Data Hiding Scheme using Difference Expansion and Modulus Function
Md. Sagar Hossen,

Our information is constantly under threat when transmitted through public networks. So, research to keep information secret has been carried out. Mainly, steganography, which consists of hiding data in digital media, receives much attention. Existing steganographic systems identified the need to improve performance by reducing a tradeoff between the peak signal-to-noise ratio (PSNR) and bits per pixel (BPP). In this paper, we propose a new steganographic scheme to embed the bits of secret messages in a digital image’s pixels. Our method expands the differences between the neighbouring pixels for secret data concealment. We group the pixels in blocks of size $1\times 3$, and two of the three pixels of the block are candidates to hold the secret bit. We also propose extracting the hidden data to validate our data concealment scheme. To extract the secret data, we also arrange the neighbouring pixels into blocks of three and use their differences, and a modulus function, based on pixels identified carrying the secret data based on the key generated during data concealment. To evaluate the performance of our scheme, we consider the PSNR and the BPP as metrics. The experimental results showed better performance over the existing methods with 68.7790 dB for the PSNR and 0.1562 BPP.

"Data hiding , image Steganography , difference expansion , data security , infrastructure"
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2023 2nd International Conference for Innovation in Technology, INOCON 2023
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