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IoT Application using a Rectangular 2.4 GHz Microstrip Patch Antenna
, Md. Oahidul Islam, Sumaya Akter Shikha ,

Internet of Things (IoT)-based applications must be integrated with wireless communication technologies for this make application data easily accessible. The wireless communication system is a crucial component of IoT infrastructure, serving as a bridge for bidirectional connection for data gathering and control message delivery. Below paper, a modified meander form microstrip patch antenna for IoT applications in ISM (Commercial, Research, and Health) band of 2.4 gigahertz is suggested. The suggested antenna has a gain of rise to 4.01 dBi and an efficiency of up to 90% directivity up to 7.14. The performance after simulation of this antenna that is combined with a 2.4 GHz radio frequency module and IoT sensors. Having small size and high fractional bandwidth which gives a good performance in IoT application. The substrate has a height of 1.5 mm that appropriate for short-range IoT applications

"Internet of thing , wireless communication , Microstrip patch antenna , Wireless applications , Bandwidth"
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2023 International Conference for Advancement in Technology, ICONAT 2023
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