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A Comparative Study for Measuring the Quality of Dhaka City Transportation System: Survey Based
Md Arifur Rahman Rejuan, Md Assaduzzaman, Md. Abdur Rakib, Sheikh Sadi Bandan,

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh and one of the most populous countries in the world. The population of Dhaka has grown at a huge rate in the last few decades and is expected to grow similarly in the coming decades. As a result, population density is increasing, meaning that a large population has to be accommodated in a small area. This is disrupting other activities of Dhaka city. Among the disrupted activities, the condition of the Dhaka Transportation System is absolutely pathetic. Because of this, traffic jams are constantly being created in Dhaka city and people spend their necessary time sitting in traffic jams for hours. Our research paper discusses the Dhaka Transport System. We have worked with 104 data sets and a research paper based on feedback from all of them. By discussing with them, several problems were found, such as: overpopulation, more vehicles, non-observance of the traffic system, not driving carefully, poor mechanical condition of vehicles etc. All these problems have been discussed in the research paper and solutions have been given to make the transportation system in Dhaka city work well in a systematic way.

"Bus Service , intercity Bus Service , Dhaka Bus Service , Comparative Study , Survey Analysis"
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2023 International Conference for Advancement in Technology, ICONAT 2023
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